Schedule your Daddy & Me Doughnut Virtual Visits for Father’s Day!

Santa is scheduling Daddy & Me Doughnut Virtual Visits for Father’s Day 2021!

This means you can visit with Santa from the comfort of your home for Father’s Day.

With every booking you will be entered into our weekly drawing for a Tupperware BBQ tongs set.

Santa has teamed up with Lynn Suedel for the Tupperware giveaway, you can visit her website here!

Santa is available for messages and live visits all year long.

What better way to celebrate a special event than to have an in-person or virtual visit from Santa?

Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and more are perfect events to have Santa visit.

Santa can even wear various outfits to match your event. Chef’s costume, Hawaiian shirt and several other outfits are available. Check out the photos of past events on this website.

Schedule your virtual visit with Santa today!


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