Santa's Post Office & Contact Information

Santa is always wanting to hear from Believers of ALL ages.  Anything to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive all year long!

You can either send him a real letter (don't forget to color him a picture) or you can send an email with the help from someone if you don't have your own email account yet.

Either way, he will sure to get back to you as soon as he can.

To send a letter in the Mail:

Santa Kris Kringle

1930 Village Center Circle

Santa's House #3-832

Las Vegas, NV 89134

My personal Email address is:     (That is santa Zero One)

Sign up for Santa Kris Kringle Gazette and see all the fun events Santa will be appearing at.   You too can help keep the spirit alive all year long! All you have to do is "Believe"!

Toys for Tots

Want to plan an event or get more information?  That's great!  Simply fill out the form and he will get back to you as soon as he can.  Be sure you are scheduling it early.  Santa can only be in one place at a time!

Here are a few ideas for you to plan a head of time and help keep the spirit alive all year long!

Gracie's 5th birthday was a great success last year!  Do something special this year to celebrate your child's birthday regardless of the time of year.

Or.... what about Birthday Bowling?  Santa is game for almost anything except well, maybe not sky diving!

How about Miniature Golfing Birthday Party with Santa? Something they will never forget for sure! Santa even has his own golf cart that was made special for his ride!

How about watching your favorite Christmas movie with Santa in the comfort of your own home, including popcorn and snacks?

Don't forget to get your tickets for the tradional "Breakfast With Santa!  Seating is limited.

Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts!  Any club, or organization needs Santa's Spirit!

Santa loves pets and The Hydrant Club had Santa come to have Holiday Pictures taken with Santa!  What a fun day that was!

Conventions and Corporate events are really fun for children of ANY age!

REMEMBER:  Santa has many custom designed suits to wear for any occasion!