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Press Release”. Thats right, its me Santa Claus! Ho, Ho, Ho, dont worry,

you are still on the “Good List”. I know, you are here to find out a little more about me. I would first like to begin with my Mission Statement”. It is to keep the “Spirit” of Christmas alive all year. It is for children of ALL ages. To many people it is a very spiritual holiday and a time for love, family gatherings, great food and the anticipation of giving and receiving gifts. I represent the spirit of giving and cheerfulness and it is a unifying theme that all can gather around for all year. Remember the excitement of waiting for Santa? We must bring this amazing feeling back. Take pleasure in the spirit. of Christmas. Be merry like the songs say, revel in the tinsel and the glitter and the sparkle and sing the old songs for all the joy that is in them and the memories they bring back or memories you make new.

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These Are the 11 Best Santas in the U.S.

And where to find them.

Santa Kris Kringle

Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas, Nevada (weekends)


Chris Groeschke, 57, keeps a mailbox at a USPS store in Las Vegas so that children can send in their wish lists, and he will reply with a card “from the North Pole.”

When he sees people doing good deeds in the area, he hands them poker chips with an image of a happy-looking Santa on one side. (The other side shows a grumpy-looking Santa, and if you’re handed one with that side up, then you’ve probably been “naughty.”)

And to top it all off, his car’s Nevada license plate reads “SANTA1.”

A man dressed as santa claus is posing for a picture.