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Santa Claus

Santa Kris Kringle's mission is to help children of all ages "BELIEVE" in the magic of Christmas all year long! Santa is seen year round all over the Las Vegas Valley. He goes to birthday parties, craft fares, corporate events, charities and has been seen on the local news. The wonder and spirit of the Christmas holidays is the magic seen in children's eyes as they light up, neighbors being kind to each other, people helping people.

Celebrate the season by inviting Santa Claus, The Real Deal to your next event!

Santa ... "The Real Deal"

Countdown to Christmas...


Best Santa Award

always in the spirit

Santa won 3rd place in the 2018 Summerland Patriotic Parade. Santa Kris Kringle won best Santa from the online magazine Time.com. 

Trained in Santaology

Proud graduate of santa school

Being Santa is so much more than just the soft red suit and boots. It is about the magic and wonder of the season. Joy for kids of all ages.

Available to Join You

To bring the holiday Spirit

Santa loves going to events all over the Las Vegas Valley. Ask him to join you at your next event. Santa loves a good event, charity or fun party!

Come Take a Peek!

Are You Naughty or Nice?

Welcome to Santa's Nice list. Keep watching your email and Santa News on santa@santa01.com for updates from Santa's events and news from the

North Pole.

    signed by Bernard Head Elf.

Santa's Elves are taking care of hi s Event Calendar. Make sure to click the event tab to see where he will be next in the Las Vegas Valley.

Invite Santa Kris Kringle to your next event! He loves to attend charity parties, birthdays, holiday parties and any fun festivity where he can bring the holiday spirit! Invite him by filling out the form on the contact page.

Make sure to check out Santa's tv station. At SKK TV, Santa has lots of videos for you to enjoy. New videos are always being created so you can keep up with Santa and what he has been up to. Go to Santa TV.

Greater Las Vegas Area

The Las Vegas Valley is home to Santa and he loves to go from one area of it to the other bringing holiday cheer all year round!

We are so excited to make you a part of the family!

2018 Santa the Real Deal