About Santa Kris Kringle

Hello! I have always loved Christmas since I could remember. Mostly I remember the feeling I felt when I gave that special person the present I made or had gotten for them.

Fast forwarding…I have attend “Professional Santa School” and have received my “Masters Degree in Santaology”. I am also a member of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas. None of the fake stuff for me or for you! I think that is why the children are not usually afraid of me because I am a natural.

My Christmas Suites are many and custom made just for me. I have several styles to meet the needs of any event be it professional photo shoots, a Charity gathering or MDA Bowling! I am ready to go!

My mission is to keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long, not for just a few days over the season. This spirit transmits love, youth and hope for children of ALL ages. As you can see there a sometimes bigger smiles on the adults then the children. That is the spirit, the joy to spread and share all year. That is why I am a “All Year Long” Santa!

I love doing Charities in our Las Vegas Community and love to include others while helping. The MDA Bowl-a-thon was a blast as a few volunteers (Elves) joined in the fun, all for a good cause. From Toys 4 Tots, Toys 4 Kids Las Vegas, DJ’s for PJ’s to Rock’n Walk and Southern Honor Flight Nevada for the Vets. It is all for amazing causes and just fun for everyone. Sign up for Santa’s Gazette Newsletter, where I will be sending occasional updates of events you can be involved with or attend.

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Ho Ho Ho, Santa Kris Kringle

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